Arma 3 Locking Review 编辑

New tech 编辑

New means with TKOH (Hinds) and A3. Or new since A2/OA.

CfgAmmo 编辑

lockSeekRadius 编辑
lockSeekRadius = float;

Specifies the maximum distance from the position at which it was shot, in which the automatic search for suitable targets.

autoSeekTarget 编辑
autoSeekTarget = bool;

Disable automatic search goals. If set to false, the missile guides only for location / destination that was specified at the time of the shot.

lockType 编辑
lockType = [0,1,2];

For guided missiles

  • 0 = fireAndForgetLT (current system)
  • 1 = keepLockedLT (not yet done)
  • 2 = manualLT (manualy guided)
airLock 编辑
airLock = [0,1,2];

Can target flying objects.

  • 0 = lockGroundTT (air lock disabled)
  • 1 = lockAirGroundTT (air and ground lock)
  • 2 = lockAirTT (air only lock (NEW))

Requires irLock = 1; to work. Also makes AI to track air units with the given the ammo (weapon). This may not be desirable for non heavy MG weapons as it the AI gunner to focus on air targets - first while ground targets are ignored meanwhile even though the ground target may actually be the bigger threat.

CfgWeapons 编辑

Nothing new so far.

CfgVehicles 编辑

allowTabLock 编辑
allowTabLock = bool;

Vehicle turret setting. Determines if TAB lock is enabled.

showAllTargets 编辑
showAllTargets = [0,1,2];

Vehicle turret setting. Displays/marks all known lockable targets in the HUD as rectangles.

  • 0 = showAllNo (current system)
  • 1 = showAllCadet (show extended if HUD is enabled)
  • 2 = showAllYes (always show)

Existing tech 编辑

CfgAmmo 编辑

irLock 编辑
irLock = bool;

Can lock vehicle with irTarget=1/true.

laserLock 编辑
laserLock = bool;

Can lock onto LaserTarget object (which are created using laser Designator - both by infantry or vehicles).

nvLock 编辑
nvLock = bool;

Can lock onto NVTarget object (ie NVG marker that infantry can throw a grenade).

artilleryLock 编辑
artilleryLock = bool;

Can lock onto ArtilleryTarget object (creates the Fire command).

manualControl 编辑
manualControl = bool;

Missile follows the cursor, if not locked onto a target (canLock = 1/2). maxControlRange, maneuvrability and missile speed are very important for manual control. AI is able to guide missiles manually too.

maxControlRange 编辑
maxControlRange = float;

How far one can manually control the missile - during maxControlRange <10 unguided rockets are all

maneuvrability 编辑
maneuvrability = float;

Defines how much the missile is able to turn / how well it can be controlled during the flight.

trackLead 编辑
trackLead = [0,1];

​​Range 0-1, how much is the missile performing "smart" tracking, which assumes onboard computer computing predicted target position at the impact time, resulting in a mostly straight flight trajectory.

  • 1 = Means this computation result is used 100%
  • 0 = Means it is not used at all
trackOversteer 编辑
trackOversteer = float;

Simulates the analogue controls used in missiles, where it reacts directly to the target's relative position by adjusting its flight direction.

  • 1 = no oversteer / Means the missile always tries to direct itself directly at the target.
  • 0 = ???
sideAirFriction 编辑
sideAirFriction = float;

Indirectly affects missiles turning / the flight path once the missile changes its orientation. The higher the side friction the more accurate is the maneuvring with the missile.

CfgWeapons 编辑

ballisticsComputer 编辑
ballisticsComputer = [0,1,2];

Weapon attempts to calculate and shift the aimpoint to hit a locked target based on range, target movement, own movement, and ballistics of selected ammo type.

  • 0 = disabled
  • 1 = Arma2 TAB lock results in zeroed scope, Arrowhead: added also manual zeroing (PgUp/PgDwn)
  • 2 = Arrowhead: only manual zeroing (PgUp/PgDwn)
canLock 编辑
canLock = [0,1,2];

Determines if the weapon can lock onto targets.

  • 0 = can not lock
  • 1 = can be targeted at a lower/cadett difficulty (Recruit + Regular)
  • 2 = can always lock
lockAcquire 编辑
lockAcquire = bool;

Determines if rocket launcher locks automatically a target or player has to use RMB.

  • 0 = automaticLA (current rocket launcher system)
  • 1 = manually (use RMB)
weaponLockDelay 编辑
weaponLockDelay = float;

Determines in seconds how long it takes before the gun reaches LOCKED after marking targets with TAB/RMB.

weaponLockSystem 编辑
weaponLockSystem = [0-15];

Set the weapon's locking technology - determines which signature a CM system can notice. Can be multiple at the same time.

  • 0 = None
  • 1 = CM_Lock_Visual
  • 2 = CM_Lock_IR
  • 4 = CM_Lock_Laser
  • 8 = CM_Lock_Radar
cmImmunity 编辑
cmImmunity = [0-1];

Determines the probability of not getting distracting by a CM. Flares and chaffs are dropped in pairs, while smokes are single.

  • CMImmunity_GOOD = 0.8 (for pair of flares its 0.64, for four 0.4)
  • CMImmunity_MIDDLE = 0.65 (for pair of flares its 0.4, for four 0.16)
  • CMImmunity_BAD = 0.5 (for pair of flares its 0.25 , for four 0.06)

CfgVehicles 编辑

radarType 编辑
radarType = [0,1,2,4];
  • 0 = none
  • 1 = tactical display
  • 2 = vehicle radar
  • 4 = air radar
lockDetectionSystem 编辑
lockDetectionSystem = [0-15];

Determines which weapon's lock type the vehicle can detect.

  • 0 = None
  • 1 = CM_Lock_Visual
  • 2 = CM_Lock_IR
  • 4 = CM_Lock_Laser
  • 8 = CM_Lock_Radar
incomingMissileDetectionSystem 编辑
incomingMissileDetectionSystem = [0,16];

Determines what type of incoming missile can be detected (and shown on the radar?).

  • 0 = None
  • 16 = CM_Missile
xxxCanSee 编辑
xxxCanSee = [0-65];


  • 1 = CanSeeRadar
  • 2 = CanSeeEye
  • 4 = CanSeeOptics
  • 8 = CanSeeEar
  • 16 = CanSeeCompass
  • 1+16 = CanSeeRadarC
  • 31 = CanSeeAll
  • 32 = CanSeePeripheral
irScanXXX 编辑
irScanToEyeFactor = float;
irScanRangeMin = float;
irScanRangeMax = float;

Those settings can be used instead of irScanRange to make IR scan dange depend on the visibility distance. If there is irScanRange, fixed value is used. The same thing can also be acomplished by setting both irScanRangeMin and irScanRangeMax to the same value.

If there is no irScanRange, IR scan range is calculated as:

scanRange = visibility_range * irScanToEyeFactor;
if (scanRange<irScanRangeMin) scanRange = irScanRangeMin;
if (scanRange>irScanRangeMax) scanRange = irScanRangeMax;

Where visiblity_range is basically a drawing distance, but may be shortenet by rain or fog.

irScanGround 编辑
irScanGround = bool;


Suggestions 编辑

Config only work 编辑

Disable locking of all non guided weapons with AutoGuideAT disabled 编辑

URL: [1]

HowTo: set canLock=1 to all weapons with canLock=2 except for guided missiles. Ref:

laser/wire/radio guidances = manual aiming until impact
radar/auto tracking/IR guidances = autolock (current tablock/mouse 2) fire and forget style
Add cursor to driver/pilot view in vehicles like in OFP to ease commanding the gunner or troops 编辑

URL: [2]

HowTo: Is in TKOH (Hinds). Should only to assign a cursor text for the right config key.

Remove radar infos for non-radar equiped Vehicles and Aircrafts 编辑

URL: [3]

HowTo: radar (1) removal from xxxCanSee of the given vehicle position (driver/gunner/commander).

Static weapon (TOW, MK19, M2, ASG-30) are visible on radars 编辑

URL: [4]

HowTo: Set irTarget=0 for in StaticWeapon (and maybe leave it own/set to 1 for StaticAAWeapon).

Tanks with auxilary Power Generators turn on main motor when turning the turret 编辑

URL: [5]

HowTo: Set startEngine=0 in given turret when the turret does not operate on main motor.

Make it possible to have a weapon able to lock air units only 编辑

URL: [6]

HowTo: Set airLock=2 for AA missiles (and AAA guns?).

Airplanes survive too many AA missile hits 编辑

URL: [7]

HowTo: tweak armor/armorStructural for planes.

FFARs should be operated by pilot 编辑

URL: [8]

HowTo: Move unguided missiles from gunner turret to pilot weapon/magazine definition.

Improve helicopter main gun dispersion 编辑

URL: [9]

HowTo: Tweak dispersion value.

Many missiles are flying too fast 编辑

URL: [10]

HowTo: Tweak initTime, thrustTime, thrust (cfgAmmo) and initSpeed (cfgMagazines) of missiles. Ref: GLT Real Air Weapons (RAW)

CH-29 missiles burn out too quickly 编辑

URL: [11]

HowTo: Tweak initTime, thrustTime, thrust (cfgAmmo) and initSpeed (cfgMagazines) of missiles. Ref: GLT Real Air Weapons (RAW)

Vikhr Missiles CfgAmmo should be changed to make the Vikhr Ground-Attack only 编辑

URL: [12]

HowTo: Set airLock=0 for M_Vikhr_AT (cfgAmmo). For A3 these might be relevant: M_Titan_AT, M_NLAW_AT, M_Air_AA and subclasses.

Simulate laser guidance by helicopter weapons (like Hellfire for AH-64 Apache and AH-1Z Cobra) 编辑

URL: [13]

HowTo: Set canLock=1 and manualControl=1 or add Laserdesignator_mounted and irLock=0 (or Make laserLock and nvLock independant to canLock).

See also: Cannot acquire laser target for BAF Wildcat CRV-7 PG rockets if "Auto guide AT" is turned off in difficulty

Beeping noise when acquiring missile lock is WAY too loud 编辑

URL: [14]

HowTo: Improve soundLocked[] sound file.

Rockets 9M117M1 Arkan / 9M113 Konkurs / 9M119M Refleks not laser/wire-guided 编辑

URL: [15]

HowTo: Set manualControl=1, canLock=1 and not too high missile speed.

Refleks and arkan missiles cannot be guided manually, only with auto-guiding 编辑

URL: [16]

HowTo: Set manualControl=1, canLock=1 and not too high missile speed.

Locking delay is too short for most missile launchers 编辑

URL: [17]

HowTo: Adjust weaponLockDelay from 3 to higher values per missile.

Equip more vehicles with a laser weapon - Laser FCS (Firing Control System) 编辑

URL: [18]

HowTo: Add Laserdesignator_mounted weapon to more vehicles.

Require engine changes 编辑

Ordered by assumed priority (first is highest) and hopefully limited effort.

Add option to restrict radar locking (TAB target cycling) of vehicles 编辑

URL: [19]

Comment: Could be done with canLock=1 for all non Fire-And-Forget (FNF) guided missiles as AutoGuideAT makes it a difficulty setting.

Add difficulty option to disable radar of vehicles (that don't have one in reality) 编辑

URL: [20]

Comment: Needs a new config value like hasRadar, link it to difficulty level or a new setting and disable it for vehicles with hasRadar=1 in Veteran/Expert. This way new players could still play with "always radar" in lower difficulty.

Add option to disable friend-foe radar signature (difficulty setting) 编辑

URL: [21]

Comment: To keep it for lower difficulty, but allow more realistic and better gameplay in Veteran Expert. Could be linked closely with the suggested IFF changes.

Add difficulty option to hide the locking cursor 编辑

URL: [22]

Comment: To make player rely on locking sound only. Defined in CfgInGameUI-Cursor/lock/target/select_target.

Radar targets and locking ability needs to be limited by object drawing distance for units/vehicles with irScanToEyeFactor=1 编辑

URL: [23]

Comment: To reduce/remove locking abuse. Only with irScanToEyeFactor>1, radar detection/locking should go beyond viewable distance.

Airborne chopper to be rendered in larger distances 编辑

URL: [24]

Comment: Ondrej: The rationale why only planes and not helis that planes are mostly flying higher, and there are less planes in the mission, but in principle the solution can be easily extended for helis as well later.

Improve radar and friend-foe-identification (IFF) simulation 编辑

URL: [25]

Comment: Picks up ideas from Hladas in the BI forum discussion. Improvements here would help big time.

irScanGround = 0/false does not limit radar/target identification to air vehicles 编辑

URL: [26]

Comment: Seems like a bug or functionality is different. No (for me accessible) information available about it.

Simulation shotRocket ignores ballistic profile (gravity) after rocket burn out 编辑

URL: [27]

Comment: Makes rockets way too easy to shoot distant targets. Not realistic and looks weird too.

Disperion for rockets 编辑

URL: [28]

Comment: Lack of dispersion makes especially for air units hard to hit targets. Not realistic and bad for gameplay.

Disable auto locking of infantry launchers or reduce automatic lock area 编辑

URL: [29]

Comment: While both should be realistic, with the visible locking cursor it makes them too easy to use and strong. Could be solved with the option to hide the locking cursor, or make (some) launchers require RMB use to lock onto a target.

Improve countermeasures and warning system 编辑

URL: [30]

Comment: cmImmunity should be tweaked, but AI use needs be improved as well as MP issues.

Missiles don't lead moving optical/laser targets 编辑

URL: [31]

Comment: Very important for manual guidance of missiles.

SACLOS guidance unrealistic 编辑

URL: [32]

Comment: Very important for manual guidance of missiles.

ballisticsComputer calculation uses inverted target lateral velocity when facing south 编辑

URL: [33]

Comment: This bug should be finally fixed.

Locking of _guided missiles_ does not work as pilot without gunner 编辑

URL: [34]

Comment: Useful for lower difficulty settings.

Add additional "preparation" time when selecting launchers 编辑

URL: [35]

Comment: To make infantry launcher use non as simplistic/gamey.

Make fuseDistance config entry working for Rockets/Missiles/RPGs 编辑

URL: [36]

Comment: Useful tweak.

Add more damagable systems and indicators for fixed-wing-aircraft 编辑

URL: [37]

Comment: Should be present already in A3, yet further tweaks/improvements would be useful.

Related 编辑