Been playing Operation Flashpoint since the demo.Doing editing since 2 1/2 years.

Work so far: 编辑


This was my first project. I started by taking a very early beta-version of Footmunch's NH-90 and edited part after part. After I've gathered some experience with O2 and photshop I redid the whole modell and even adapted some scripts. I joined MMP during that time. In Decembre I decided to stop work on OFP addons and released the current version of the helicopter.

You can find it here: [1]

Ch-53 G/GS

This addon has a really sad story:

I started an own CH53-modell during my MMP-times. When MMP disappeared, I went over to TES and continued the work on the CH53, but than I lost interest in ofp and released the nearly finished NH90 and left the CH53 to the TES-guys. At this stage the CH53 modell was complete and the exterior was textured, the interior wasn't. In Spring 2005 I got back to OFP and TES contacted me and asked if I'd like to finnish my CH53 in exchange to access to their mod. I agreed and got a modell from them that had only small differences to the one I left to them, like the window in the ramp and the textured interior. Besides that it totally looked like my old modell. So I continued with this modell. Made completely new exterior textures and fixed some more details on the modell. In the last months I lost contact to them and decided to release the heli on my own. I believed that the modell-changes and the interior textures were done by a member of TES as [TES]Dammi assured me.

But after having a closer look at the old modell now I left to them I have to admit that TES must have taken the fuselage of Fischkopp, resized it and added the respective modell parts from my modell to make it a german CH53. The interior textures are also from Fischkopp and not as I thought from a TES-member. Concerning the exterior textures, there all handmade by me. I orientated myself on some textures that I thought where placeholder textures applied by the TES-guys to the modell, but as now becomes clear have been Fischkopp's textures. So that's it, Fischkopp allowed me to release the heli when giving proper credit.

You can find it here: [2]


This chopper was planned as a major update for the NH-90 CSAR. I began work on it in mid 2005. I finished modell and textures in decembre 2005 and released the bird in february 2006.

You can find it here: [3]

Flashpoint in the Falklands: 1982

In mid 2005 I joined the FLK mod team . Some of the work I've done for FLK:

C-130 Hercules

Fort Austin - Did the textures for CBFASI's modell of the RFA Fort Austin:


Started the Unimog at the beginning of 2006. Made a transport, medic and radio version. Transport version together with the aforementioned Hercules (here with Argentine textures) can be seen here:

Port Stanley Houses

Building of 110 indivdual buildings for Port Stanley, the capital of the Falkland Islands. One of my biggest porjects so far.

I started by doing a couple of basic layouts for the walls of one-story houses in different sizes (already including doors and windows). Than do a couple of second-story parts and different roofs. For greater variety I added little sheds, other extensions, gutters, chimneys, etc. Before putting everything together I already textured the single parts. To keep the size of all textures required for the buildings as small as possible I created a texture library with different types of wall textures, doors, windows, roofs, etc. and just shared these with every modell.

This way one can easily make hundreds of individual houses (with ~200-350 polys in the first Lod, 2nd Lod with ~50 polys and Geo Lod). Than one can of course give each modell different texures and enhance the variety even more.

Most of the buildings you can see on this picture were done by me: [4]

Chinook Get it here:


Current Project: Invasion 1944