Disclaimer: This pages describes an unofficial tool created without permission or support of Bohemia Interactive.

The product itself and its usage may be violating rights of Bohemia Interactive and is in no way endorsed or recommended by Bohemia Interactive. For offical tools see: Tools

PBO Files 编辑

Note: When packing missions with these or other tools, make sure to not compress SQS-files, or they might not work correctly!

Config Files编辑

  • Config Editor `Laza` Open/Edit/Save Cpp/Bin(and save to BIN present) configs. (by Flea)
  • Eliteness UnRap and rapify gui + other bits, PBO unpak and pack, etc, all engines. (by Mikero)
  • unRap raP to cpp conversion tool with features like #define macro expansion, comments, etc. (by Kegetys)

FSM Files编辑



Texturing 编辑

  • AlterTexView Small & fast texture viewer, browser and converter, supports OFP & ArmA(DXT3-4-5) alpha (by Flea)
  • PAAplug Photoshop plugin for reading and writing PAA textures with DXT1-5 support (by Kegetys)


Multi Player 编辑

Terrain Editing 编辑

  • MaskMapper - This tool allows users to take a image mask, and generate objects randomly within that. Primary use is placing vegetation randomly on the map.(by Soul_Assassin and Rocket)

OFP Tools 编辑

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