This page is open specifically to "success stories" related to Hardware. I'd gladly see here people posting only full specs of a rig that works decently.

If you have the knowledge, tools, you may post Benchmarks & Screen Defs + FPS on "standard" settings.

Do not report issues here. please post on BIS Forum Troubleshooting section

  • Outline of Specs (copy, paste & fill):
    • Motherboard:
      • Processor: type, speed
      • Ram: type volume, speed
      • FSB: speed
    • Graphic Card: pci or agp, brand, denomination
      • Speed:
      • Memory: type, volume, speed
      • Direct X: version
      • Pixel Shader: version
      • SLI: yes/no, mutliple (connected) cards
    • Soundcard:
    • OS:
      • Pack/Patch/Version:
    • Unneeded info if you will, feel free to add:
      • HDD: type, rpm, current ArmA folder volume
      • CoOp connection: speed
      • Exotic: Cooling system, significant Case improvement
      • Exotic: controllers
      • Sound: Rig
      • Screen: size & max ArmA def
    • Good to Know: (on standard visual settings please)
      • Benchmark:
      • FPS @ 1024x768:

Remember, please don't post issues here, only Success Stories

Feel free to post even if you don't have all the info, as long as it works for you.

Peacepunk 04:42, 11 May 2007 (CEST)