The texture name should be simple ascii, containing only letters, digits and underscore (no letters with diacritics). Only one dot is allowed leading the extension.

Example of texture name:


The source texture file format is PNG (preferred) or TGA (no compression, only 24b or 32b).



textureType is predefined suffix, that allows to choose proper compression and other transformation for the texture. The actual transformation is defined by TexConvert.cfg (used by both Pal2PacE and TexView 2 tools).

  • _CO - color (diffuse map), sRGB color space
  • _CA - color with alpha (diffuse map with alpha), sRGB color space
  • _NO - normal map
  • _NS - normal map specular (with alpha)
  • _NOF - normal map faded (mipmaps fade the texture with distance, useful for terrain)
  • _NON - normal map with noise in alpha channel (noise is used for vegetation LODs blending)
  • _NOHQ - normal map high quality
  • _NOVHQ - normal map high quality
  • _DT - detail texture, average color should be 0.5, texture has got fade out filter in mipmaps
  • _CDT - colored detail texture, average color should be 0.5 in all R G B channels, texture has fade-out filter in mipmaps
  • _SKY - sky texture
  • _MC - macro texture, sRGB color space
  • _AS - ambient shadow texture
  • _SM - specular map
  • _SMDI - optimised specular map for better bitdepth
  • _LCO - layer color map, texture used for satellite and mask textures on the terrain
  • _MCO - multiply color map, texture used to multiply with color map (as cdt) without fade-out filter, average color should be 0.5 in all R G B channels

Only some formats use sRGB Color Space, others use linear space.