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Copyright (c) 2009 Bohemia Interactive. All rights reserved.

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This is a patch for the German release version 1.00 of the game ArmA 2, or beta version 1.01. Run the Patch.exe file, so the patch can be automatically executed. This will remove the contents of this patch in the folder where the installation directory of your game ArmA 2 is. (By default this is C: \ Program Files \ Bohemia Interactive \ ArmA or C: \ Program Files \ Bohemia Interactive \ ArmA2).

NOTE: Please do not use memory stalls in this patch, the version 1.00 were created. Use the "reboot" to complete the missions again to play.

List of Changes编辑


  • Fixed: AI sometimes did not respond
  • Fixed: AI has difficulty in certain situations with path
  • Improvements to the AI: Avoidance of collisions, AI Micro-communications, Suppress-Fields
  • Improved: AI coordination in the fight
  • Improved: Auto-Vectoring the vertical (VTOL).
  • Improved Quick Start and Quick inflation country (STOL)
  • Improved shooting simulation
  • Improved performance in some areas
  • Improved injury simulation, first aid and team change
  • Enable the rollover of the MV-22
  • Fixed: weapons inside of vehicles were sometimes white.
  • Fixed: Several crash scenarios
  • Fixed: Sometimes flickering textures
  • Fixed: muzzle fire and other alpha-elements, which intersect the water surface.
  • Fixed: Extended scene sequences called problems with LODs and textures show.
  • Fixed: Terrain LOD produces white spots


  • Improvements in the quality of radio communications
  • Standardized reporting on known targets have been improved


  • Support for up to 4 players in co-op mode
  • Improved scripts for stable functioning mission ends
  • Various improvements in emissions and animated scenes
  • Improved "StarForce" transport service (this player can better manage occasional problem regarding frozen StarForce fixed)
  • Alert function for each found reference added
  • Music on other bodies in the main campaign added
  • Some missing audio files added


  • Rendering of improved surface water
  • Various minor fixes and improvements

Sound Effects编辑

  • Effect for players figure in the vicinity of larger explosions added (ringing in the ears, temporary deafness)

Control Surface编辑

  • Improved GPS support (Ctrl + right mouse when GPS is available)
  • Functions without the map view (default: key J)
  • List of players without the map view (default: key P)
  • Improved rendering of the peripheral visual field simulation (marks on the screen, the natural boundary of the visual field is)
  • Permanent Representation of the leader symbol on the screen even in normal difficulty
  • Hide task pane to look in the middle of the screen to release


  • Aircraft cargo compartments in fixed (The cargo had with the pilots swapped places)
  • Camera position for BTR and T90 target devices fixed
  • LODs of the visual aid to protect crews in vehicles wheels fixed
  • Improved animation for hand-aircraft missile launchers
  • Inserted at arms-aircraft missile launchers
  • Fire in geometry billboard models fixed
  • Changed the engine noise of tractors and buses
  • Hotel Schild added
  • Ruins of the administration building fixed
  • Textures for G36 and a symbol of the fixed MG36
  • Animation of the shooter on BRDM-ATGM fixed
  • Improved model of the AK-107
  • Improved map for reflections in the vicinity
  • Improved the cursor A1
  • Textures icon of T34 improved optics and fixed tower stabilizer added and exhaust cloud
  • PostFX in optics for all Tracked2 models added
  • Warfare characters fixed
  • AAV-geometry (mass) fixed
  • Projection of the first material used to improve meeting
  • Improved Holosign own shadow of M4
  • Destruction simulation with wrecks and dams on the card improves

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