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Change Log编辑

Note: The change log file that is included with the beta patch is longer than what is displayed below this is because some of the changes listed were in previously released patches and thus not part of this beta patch.

  • [59842] Reduced town/village stutter (fixed streaming of textures used by Super shader).
  • [59808] Fixed: DOF in 3D scope view
  • [59741] Analogue throttle working for helicopters as well.
  • [59736] Fixed: Startup sounds are not spatial and stick to audio channels
  • [59715] Covering soldier in grass ("Grass layer")
  • [59691] Improved: Small hit be ignored by hitpoints (configurable by minimalHit)
  • [59668] Improved: Hitpoint can pass only a part of the hit to the total damage (passthrough setting no longer ignored).
  • [59446] New: IK weapon animations are now blending with primary animations.
  • [59351] Fixed: VoN direct speaking distance fade out


Arma 2 Public Beta Build编辑

Copyright (c) 2009 Bohemia Interactive. All rights reserved.

Latest public beta patches are available from including change logs.

Please note: Arma 2 Beta is a public preview release intended for developer testing and community feedback. It may be updated often and we use them to verify that a bug we are tracking has been fixed. We make the beta builds for testing only and also to allow developers in the community to test their content with the upcoming versions before they are released as the official release. We write code and post the results frequently so people like you can join our testing process and report bugs but Arma 2 Beta might crash on startup or cause any other kind of unpredicted problems so please do not bother downloading Arma 2 beta builds if you're unwilling to put up with problems or help with the testing of the game and stick with the latest official release instead.

Multiplayer Compatibility编辑

Usually, beta versions will be compatible in multiplayer with either previous or the upcoming public final release (unlike in Arma 1 where beta versions were causing large incompatibility in the multiplayer community).

System Requirements编辑

  • ANY ORIGINAL VERSION OF ARMA 2 from 1.04 (including Steam version)
  • DirectX 9 March 2009 is required

How to Install and run the Beta Patch编辑

Run the patch exe to apply the patch setup automatically (you may be prompted to choose your exact version in some occasions).

  • It will install all beta content to a mod folder "Beta", including the beta exe (that has to be run properly with working directory set to the main game installation, see below for more information)
  • To launch Arma2 beta patch you need to go to the main game directory and click on shortcut "Launch Arma2 Beta Patch"
  • You can configure your Arma 2 with Beta Patch including other mods etc., just make make sure that:
in your ArmA Shortcut start-up Target line;
  • You are running the Arma2.exe from your "beta" folder.
  • You have "beta" in your modfolder as in -mod=beta
    example: "C:\Program Files\Bohemia Interactive\ArmA 2\beta\arma2.exe" -mod=beta
  • Make sure the shortcut's "Start In" section refers to main "Arma 2 " main working folder and NOT "Arma 2/beta"
    example: "C:\Program Files\Bohemia Interactive\ArmA 2"

You can always run your Arma 2 final version in the main Arma 2 folder if you use default application shortcuts, start menu or run the regular arma2.exe without the beta mod folder.

How to add multiple parameters to your MP mission编辑

  • to your description.ext add following class

class Params { class Score { title = "$STR_mp_param_score"; values[] = {10,200}; texts[] = {"10","200"}; default = 10; }; class Duration { title = "$STR_mp_param_duration"; values[] = {1,2}; texts[] = {"one hour","two hours"}; default = 1; }; etc. ..... }

  • old style of parametrs definiton can be still used

How to use multiple parameters in your MP mission:

  • values can be read from new variable paramsArray
  • variables param1 and param2 are still present
  • if param1 and param2 are defined, they can be read from paramsArray[0] and paramsArray[1] as well

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