Introduced with Arma 3 version 1.00

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	Play set of ambient animations on given unit.

	* Can handle several different anims and auto-switching between them.
	* Detects nearby units with the same animation set and tries to select different animations.
	* A game logic is created on units position and animated unit is then attached to it, to prevent possible problems, like player pushing units around.
	* The unit can be snapped to a set snappoint to prevent game from repositioning the unit.
		* The snappoint is automatically detected, snap distance is 2 meters (in top-down view, ignoring vertical info).
		* To position unit vertically, move its snappoint up/down.
		* A snappoint is a (cyan colored) helper "Sign_Pointer_Cyan_F".
		* This is extremely handy if the unit needs to be placed near object(s) - like on chair near a table.

	0: OBJECT - unit the anim & gear changes are going to be applied to
	1: STRING - animation set id, describing what the unit's action looks like.
	   > "STAND"		- standing still, slightly turning to the sides, with rifle weapon
	   > "STAND_IA"		- standing still, slightly turning to the sides, with rifle weapon
	   > "STAND_U1-3"	- standing still, slightly turning to the sides, no weapon
	   > "WATCH1-2"		- standing and turning around, with rifle weapon
	   > "GUARD"		- standing still, like on guard with hands behing the body
	   > "LISTEN_BRIEFING"  - standing still, hands behind back, recieving briefing / commands, no rifle.
	   > "LEAN_ON_TABLE"	- standing while leaning on the table
	   > "LEAN"		- standing while leaning (on wall)
	   > "BRIEFING"		- standing, playing ambient briefing loop with occasional random moves
	   > "BRIEFING_POINT_LEFT"	- contains 1 extra pointing animation, pointing left & high
	   > "BRIEFING_POINT_RIGHT"	- contains 1 extra pointing animation, pointing right & high
	   > "BRIEFING_POINT_TABLE"	- contains 1 extra pointing animation, pointing front & low, like at table
	   > "SIT1-3"		- sitting on chair or bench, with rifle weapon
	   > "SIT_U1-3"		- sitting on chair or bench, without weapon
	   > "SIT_AT_TABLE"	- sitting @ table, hands on table
	   > "SIT_HIGH1-2" 	- sitting on taller objects like a table or wall, legs not touching the ground. Needs a rifle!
	   > "SIT_LOW"		- sitting on the ground, with weapon.
	   > "SIT_LOW_U"	- sitting on the ground, without weapon.
	   > "SIT_SAD1-2"	- sitting on a chair, looking very sad.
	   > "KNEEL"		- kneeling, with weapon.
	   > "PRONE_INJURED_U1-2" - laying wounded, back on the ground, wothout weapon
	   > "PRONE_INJURED"	- laying wounded & still, back on the ground, with or without weapon
	   > "KNEEL_TREAT"	- kneeling while treating the wounded
	   > "REPAIR_VEH_PRONE"	- repairing vehicle while laying on the ground (under the vehicle)
	   > "REPAIR_VEH_KNEEL"	- repairing vehicle while kneeling (like changing a wheel)
	   > "REPAIR_VEH_STAND"	- repairing/cleaning a vehicle while standing

	2: STRING - equipment level id, describing how heavily is the unit equipped.
	   > "NONE"  		- no goggles, headgear, vest, weapon
	   > "LIGHT"  		- no goggles, headgear, vest
	   > "MEDIUM" 		- no goggles, headgear
	   > "FULL"  		- no goggles
	   > "ASIS"  		- no touches to the gear
	   > "RANDOM" (default)	- gear is randomized according to the animation set

	3: OBJECT 	- object unit to snap to; function won't try to search for the closest snappoint and will use this snappoint instead
	4: BOOL		- function will try to interpolate into the ambient animation, if the interpolateTo link exists
			- it is not officialy supported, so it's disabled by default
			- works only for transitions from (some) default A3 stances to sets "STAND", "SIT_LOW" and "KNEEL"


	[this,"SIT_HIGH2"] call BIS_fnc_ambientAnim;

//surpress the debuglog output
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Posted on February 19, 2016 - 04:24
Pierre MGI
In 3den editor, place a blufor unit (B_soldier_A_F) near a camping chair (land_campingChair_V2_F).
In init field of the unit:
[this,"SIT2"] call BIS_fnc_ambientAnim;
0 = this spawn {waitUntil {behaviour _this == "combat"};

_this call BIS_fnc_ambientAnim__terminate;}

When this unit is aware of a threat, he will quit the "ambient animation" and will able to return fire.

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