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Berlin1945 Mod
2D AtStWalker, Burner, Dr Rebus, Sir Olli
3D AtSt Walker, Barka, Burner, Folgore, John (USA), Thompson, Rajan, Wildo
Missions Burner, Mark, Pickelsdorf, Webster
Other n/a
Betatest col.max.r, John, Mark
External DarkNova, Gordak, John (D), Klavan
Released 2003 - 2006
Version n/a
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Operation Flashpoint: Resistance 编辑

Introduction 编辑

The Berlin 1945 Mod (Be45Mod) is dedicated to create single, independent addons about the Battle for Berlin, may 1945, for Operation Flashpoint: Resistance. Since the founding of the mod in 2003, the Be45Mod released over 26 addons for Operation Flashpoint: Resistance. Since 2004 it's the WWIIEC's Late War division

Releases 编辑

For a full list of all released addons by the Be45Mod since 2005 for Operation Flashpoint: Resistance, please visit our website.

Screenshots 编辑

File:Be45 brencarrier.jpg
File:Be45 dragonwagon.jpg
File:Be45 fi103 v1.jpg
File:Be45 heulendekuh.jpg

The Team编辑

There have been many people involved with Be45mod over the years, who all contributed their smaller and bigger parts. The entire dev team would like to thank all of our former and inactive members for their contributions.

AtSt Walker Animations, Configs, Models, Textures
Barka Models
Burner Missions, Models, Textures
col.max.r Tester
Dr Rebus Textures
Folgore Models
Gordak Models
John Models, Tester
Klavan Configs, Scripts
Mark Missions, Tester
Pickelsdorf Missions, Missions
Rajan Models
Sir Olli Textures
Thompson Models
Webster Missions
Wildo Animations

Jobs 编辑

We are currently looking for skilled:

  • Texture Artists
  • Scripters
  • Modellers
  • Island Makers

For more information, please visit our website.

Links 编辑