1. Introduction 编辑

What scripting is within the confines of ARMA2/OA and what it allows you to do within the game engine (and the fact it is similar to c). On top of this, the section should state there are multiple types of SCRIPTING within A2 platform such as:

  • SQS
  • SQF
  • FSM

2. Prerequisites 编辑

Blah blah blah, should know mission making to some standard blah blah blah.

3. The Scripting Languages 编辑

The types of SCRIPTING in more detail:

SQF 编辑

The most common form of scripting within Arma 2, flexibile to most situations and the successor to the older language of SQS, which is still supported. SQF is .... single directional code execution? <<< NEEDS DEFINING BY SOMEONE ELSE, compared to SQS which allows multi directional code ("execution from within the script by utilising GOTO statements") *Maybe better in SQS section so we don't overload the new user*. SQF has a number of uses, most commonly... coding functions, aiding mission editing and producing backend addon content and functionality.

SQF Resources 编辑

  • Tutorials
  • Functions link

SQS 编辑

Scripting language dating back to OFP and ARMA however still useful in some cases. SQS unlike SQF is easier to use for a new user to the Arma series, utilising backflow within a script at runtime. SQS is good for simple statements and can perform the **/SAME/** scripting commands as SQF but less adaptable as a language. The major limitation of SQS is the inability to produce FUNCTIONS. ARMA2 supports SQS as a format, but most users now utilise SQF. Old type - less used - (redundant?)

SQS Resources 编辑

- Tutorials blah blah SQS should be mentioned like cassette tapes.. no more.. no less.. out dated form of same sqf.. the old.. meh..sqs.. is just as good == lazy person and not needed

FSM 编辑

FSM Resources 编辑

- FSM Tutorials - Defintiion / link to greater explanation of state machines