The BI Community Wiki is attempting to maintain a consistent appearance with articles and categories. Please adhere to the following naming conventions when editing or creating an article. When creating new topics or categories, use the common practice of [GameTitleName: Subject] for example: List of Actions OFP, does not sound as good as Operation Flashpoint: Actions List, its clearer what the topic is about and which game title the article refers to. It also makes linking to those articles much easier for editors.

Sort Keys编辑

When defining a category for an article you should include a search key in that definition: [GameTitleName: Subject|Sort Key].
Otherwise the automatically created table of contents will sort everything under the GameTitleName.

Long Names Short Names
Arma 3 Arma 3
Arma 2: Operation Arrowhead Arma 2:OA
Arma 2: British Armed Forces Arma 2:BAF
Arma 2: Private Military Company Arma 2:PMC
Arma 2: Army of the Czech Republic Arma 2:ACR
Arma 2 Arma 2
Armed Assault Arma
Australians in Vietnam AiV
Bohemia Interactive BI (rather than BIS)
Operation Flashpoint OFP
Operation Flashpoint: Resistance OFP:R
Operation Flashpoint: Elite OFP:E
Virtual Battlespace VBS1 & VBS2 & VBS3
Take on Helicopters TKOH (rather than TOH)
Take on Mars TKOM (rather than TOM)

Naming conventions for Mod names (so-called TAGs) can be found at OFPEC.