for air assaults, i like to take something with a machine gun on it, put it in with the transport unload waypoint for the soldiers in it (make sure the unit has "_x moveincargo heliname" foreach units group this; inside of their init box), synch a get out with your troops to the transport unload waypoint, then have the next waypoint for the chopper be guard so it taxis. this will cause the chopper to taxi around the sky firing on opponents. Or you can keep it on the ground by eliminating the guard waypoint altogether. then when its clear on the ground according to your east clear trigger you should have made and synched, so synch the trigger for east clear to the guard waypoint, the chopper moves to the next waypoint which will be to pick the troops back up and they're out of there. The air assault formula. Make sure there is an invisible H on the ground for the chopper to land at by going to empty/objects/H invisible after laying down your player of course. The chopper will fly at or close to the H. Chopper escort for an air assault depends on the length of the flight, if long then UH60L DAP, direct action penetrator, if short range im sure a cobra helicopter should do the trick, or if medium range im sure a huey should do the trick or a blackhawk without a fueling probe.

THE HELICOPTER INSERTION FORMULA How do I make a helicopter drop off troops and fly away?

A. Create your drop heli. B. Create the units you want to go in the heli, fly to the LZ and get out. We'll call these units delta. In deltas init box put "_x moveincargo heliname" foreach units group this; to start them inside or... C. create an H for the helicopter to start taking off from. D. Place a Get In waypoint (WP) for the delta group right on the chopper, make a talk WP right next to the heli and syncronise the 2 WP's. E. Create an Invisible H where you want the chopper to land and place a Transport Unload WP for the heli right on it and synch it with a get out waypoint. F. Make one last Move WP for the helicopter, so that it flies away from the area.