Bundeswehr Retro Pack
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First overview (2011)

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The GermA Bundeswehr Retro Addon was released in Dezember 2011. It contains West German soldiers and equipment around the early years (1955 til 1970).

Backround 编辑

After Germany has lost the Second World War, the country was divided in three parts (West, East and polish controlled german territory). In the West the Allies built up a democratic state (FRG) and in the East the Soviets an communism counterpart (GDR). Konrad Adenauer, the first chancellor of West Germany (since 1949) was very afraid about the uparmed military police units in East Germany. He wants already a part of NATO with an own army. Many Germans were against it because of the bad experiences in the last war. In 1955 West Germany enters the NATO and founded the new West German Army who was officially known as Bundeswehr (Federal Defence). In 1956 the first units was introduced with American, British and a little bit Wehrmacht items. One year later the first conscription recruits were called in. The Bundeswehr was founded on experiences of World War generals like Manstein or Speidel.


  • ArmA 2:Operation Arrowhead
  • GermA German Weapon Pack
  • GermA German Weapon Pack WWII

Content 编辑

Soldiers 编辑

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Credits 编辑

  • Marseille77: Project Lead, Models, Textures,Config
  • Cubus: Vehicle Models
  • Vilas: Textures, Soldiers