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Eden Editor: Configuring Tutorials

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Eden Editor offers in-game tutorial system. By default, it contains tutorials for controlling various editor features.

Modders can add new tutorials and categories to describe their custom features. Whenever new tutorial is added, icon in top right will show red notification for player.

Config 编辑

// File with IDCs of UI controls which can be highlighted (see 'highlight' property below)
#include "\a3\3DEN\UI\"
class Cfg3DEN
	// Container with all tutorials
	class Tutorials
		// Category class. You can use one of the existing ones, or create a new one
		class Intro
			displayName = "Introduction"; // Name visible in the list. Don't define when you're using existing category!
			// Category sections
			class Sections
				// Section class
				class MyTutorial
					displayName = "My Tutorial"; // Name visible in the list
					// Individual tutorial steps (shown as post-it notes), sorted in-game as they appear here
					class Steps
						// Classname can be anything
						class Hello
							text = "Hello World"; // Step text
							highlight = IDC_DISPLAY3DEN_TOOLBAR_MISSION_MAP; // IDC of highlighted UI control (none by default)
							expression = "['showInterface',true] call bis_fnc_3DENInterface;"; // Code called when the step is displayed (before highlight)
							x = 0.1; // Custom X coordinate (centered when undefined)
							y = 0.9; // Custom Y coordinate (centered when undefined)
						class Text2
							text = "Schnobble!";