An object is an entity with physical representation in the world. The player can see it as a model with textures, while the game recognizes its technical properties like the simulation type, collision geometry or damage.

Objects can be divided into three main types:

Character is a living entity controlled either by a player, or by an AI (Artificial Intelligence; sometimes also known as NPC - Non-Playable Character).

Vehicle is an object which can have a crew composed of characters. A crewed vehicle has an effective commander, who can issue orders to the rest of the crew. The vehicle also inherits the side of the commander (i.e., BLUFOR pilot will render a helicopter BLUFOR as well).

Prop is any other object without special functionality, for example, houses, fences or signs. Empty vehicles are not props. Animals are, mainly because they cannot be considered characters.

An object is an entity type you will likely edit the most, so make sure to familiarize yourself with all its options.

Attributes 编辑

Info Development
Name Category Description Property Type
Type Type Object type. Can be changed only to another type of the same side,

e.g., you can change BLUFOR Car to BLUFOR Helicopter, but not to OPFOR Car or a Prop.

ItemClass String
Variable Name Init Unique system name. Can contain only letters, numbers and underscore. The name is not case sensitive, so 'someName' and 'SOMENAME' are treated as the same variables. Name String
Init Init Expression called upon at start. In multiplayer, it is called on every machine and for each player who joins in the progress. The variable 'this' refers to the affected object. Init String
Position Transformation World coordinates in meters. X goes from West to East, Y from South to North and Z is height above terrain. position Position3D
Rotation Transformation Local rotation in degrees. X is pitch, Y is roll and Z is yaw. rotation Number
Placement Radius Transformation Placement radius in meters. The entity will start at a random position within the radius. placementRadius Number
Player Control Player in singleplayer. When enabled, the character will also be available in multiplayer and team switch ('Playable' status cannot be disabled individually in such case). ControlSP Bool
Playable Control When enabled, the character will appear as a slot in the multiplayer scenario lobby and in the list of roles available for team switch. ControlMP Bool
Role Description Control Multiplayer role description visible in the multiplayer lobby. When undefined, the object type name will be used by default. description String
Lock States Vehicle lock. When locked, characters outside of the vehicle will be unable to get in and those already inside will be forbidden from leaving.

Available options:

  • Unlocked - Anyone can get in
  • Default - Group leaders and anyone who was ordered in by their group leader can get in
  • Locked - No one can get in
  • Locked for players - Anyone except for players can get in
lock Number
Skill States General AI skill. The attribute does not allow for decreasing it below 20%, because AI behavior would be too simplified. skill Number
Health / Armor States Object health / armor. When close to 0%, the object will be destroyed. Health Number
Fuel States Vehicle fuel. fuel Number
Ammunition States General vehicle ammo state. ammo Number
Rank States Character rank. When a group leader is killed, the subordinate with the highest rank will take over.

Available options:

  • Private
  • Corporal
  • Sergeant
  • Lieutenant
  • Captain
  • Major
  • Colonel
rank String
Show Model Special States Show model and collisions. Even when disabled, the object will be simulated normally (e.g., soldiers will still be able to move and shoot). hideObject Bool
Enable Simulation Special States Enable simulation. When disabled, the object will freeze and ignore any input or collisions. enableSimulation Bool
Enable Damage Special States Set if the object can receive any damage. When a vehicle is invincible, its crew can still be killed. allowDamage Bool
Enable Stamina Special States Set whether the character should become tired when moving or not. When disabled for player, the stamina bar will be hidden completely. enableStamina Bool
Name Identity Character name, by default automatically generated based on faction. unitName String
Face Identity Character face. face String
Voice Identity Radio voice used in group communication (e.g., target reporting). speaker String
Voice Pitch Identity Voice pitch. Higher number means higher voice. pitch Number
Probability of Presence Presence Probability of presence evaluated at the scenario start. When it fails, the object is not created at all. presence Number
Condition of Presence Presence Condition of presence evaluated at the scenario start, must return boolean expression. When false, the object is not created at all. presenceCondition String
Equipment Storage Equipment Storage Contents of inventory storage available in ammo boxes and vehicles. ammoBox String