Heliport Module creates heliport composition as seen in Take On Helicopters campaign, including helicopters player purchased and all their components and damage status.

Mission Usage 编辑

Startup 编辑

  1. Place Modules (F7) > Heliport logic
  2. Place empty helicopter which will be used as a default helicopter
  3. Synchronize (F5) the helicopter with the module logic

Optional logic variables 编辑

  • hsim_helicopterDefault = Object or String; - Sets default helicopter withoit need to synchronize it. When String is used, it contains vehicle class of helicopter which will be created.
Example: this setvariable ["hsim_helicopterDefault","Heli_Medium01_H"];
Default value: None
Example: this setvariable ["allowAmbientLife",false];
Default value: true
  • allowSetDate = Boolean; - True to enable changing date according to heliport progress (every finished mission adds one day to the progress).
Example: this setvariable ["allowSetDate",false];
Default value: true

Optional global variables 编辑

Presence of following variable can affect how Heliport init behaves:

  • hsim_heli = Object; - Forced helicopter, will replace helicopter selected by player on heliport.
    • If engine is not running (e.g. not set as Flying in editor), it's teleported on heliport's helipad.
    • If player is not in any vehicle, he's teleported in fron of the helicopter
  • hsim_heliForced = Object; - Forced helicopter, ignores any teleporting to heliport.

Addon Usage 编辑

Main article: CfgBase

You can add new helicopters or items, add a heliport compositions or new staff members.