This page is here to gather general information about working with models into ArmA before tools are released.

Guides 编辑

8 step guide on how to import objects to ArmA from OperationFlashpoint/Resistance

Special notes 编辑

General Weapons 编辑

Some say muzzleflash won't work because it requires a special selection, not confirmed yet. If you wish to use 3d sight like some of the new weapons in ArmA, put a point in memory lod and name it to "eye".

AT Weapons 编辑

For most AT weapons, with this refering to secondary weapons like the M136, importing to ArmA is very easy. No special selections is needed but one small change to model is most likely required and its to readjust it so it fits better.

Open your model, select a part of it and then press "Points" -> "3d transform" and choose "rotate".

Leave everything except the Y, change it to -90 and check the box "apply to all lods" before pressing OK.

Vehicles 编辑

Will be updated when more information is gathered.