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Released CZM Infantry Beta 0.5
Release date 8 Feb. 2009

Conflict Zone Mindanao编辑

Introduction 编辑

The Mod 'Conflict Zone Mindanao (CZM) will be presenting the equipment of the Armed Forces of the Philippines and the conflicts they are or could be involved in for use in Armed Assault. We will cover the Army, Marines and Philippine National Police units and on the emeny side there will be rebel soldiers, muslim fighters and communist rebels.

Screenshots 编辑

Philippine Marines in Hueys on a mission to controll the Agusan River in Mindanao

Patrolling on a river

One AFP sniper watches the road as a convoy with the guntruck Daugoog passes by.

The same convoy of M35 passes a patrol in a village.

Sniperteam from the Marines

Work in Progress 编辑


We planned to make the following islands - Mindanao - Spratly's - Jolo - Manila

Planned Soldiers 编辑

Armed Forces of the Philippines 编辑

Philippine Marine Corps 编辑
  • Marines old uniform Status 95%
  • Marines digital camo Status 50%
  • Force Recon Status 30%
  • Crews old uniform Status 95%
  • Dress Blue Uniform Status 15%
Philippine Army 编辑
  • Soldiers old uniform Status 40%
  • Soldiers digital camo Status 50%
  • Scout Rangers Status 50%
Philippine National Police 编辑
  • Blue camo Status 5%
  • SAF Status 50%
  • SWAT Status 5%
Presidental Security Group 编辑
  • PSG Status 5%

Planned Vehicles 编辑

Armed Forces of the Philippines 编辑

Philippine Marine Corps 编辑
  • M151 (open, closed, MG,recoilless rifle), Status 10%
  • HMMVW (transport, cargo, MG, recoilless rifle), Status 40%
  • M35 including variants and Guntrucks, Status 90%
  • V150 (normal and upgraded), Status 15%
  • V300 (APC and FSV) Status 20%
Philippine Army 编辑
  • M151 (open, closed, MG) Status 10%
  • HMMVW (transport, cargo, MG) Status 35%
  • M35 (including variants) Status 90%
  • Simba Status 5%
  • M113 (including variants) Status 20%
  • V150 (normal and upgraded), Status 15%
  • Scorpion Status 0%
  • AIFV Status 0%
Philippine National Police 编辑
  • HMMVW (transport, cargo, MG) Status 0%
  • M35 (including variants) Status 35%
  • V150 (normal and upgraded), Status 15%
  • Landrover, Status 0%
Presidental Security Group 编辑
  • HMMVW (transport, cargo, MG) Status 35%
  • Simba Status 5%

ArmA Campaigns 编辑

For Armed Assault we did plan to make the following campaigns:

Terrorist campaign AFP against MSB (Moro Sword Bearers)- MSP is a fictional Terrorist group which fights for the control of Mindanao.

Coup d' Etat AFP against rebellious AFP forces Parts of the AFP Forces are trying make a Coup against the President while he is on visit in Davao.

Spratly Campaign The Spratly islands consist of Several islands west of Palawan. A unknown force attacks one of the Philippine occupied islands and a war erupts over the control of the islands.

Cooperation 编辑

Right now we got cooperation with VTE (Vietnam the Experience), USMC, and Generic Opfor