Introduced with Arma 3 version 1.54

Meta.cpp file contains additional information about mods published on Steam Workshop. This file is automatically created when a mod is published by Arma 3 Publisher to Steam Workshop.

Attributes 编辑

meta.cpp attributes
Key Required Meaning
protocol Yes Meta meta stuff. Version of meta.cpp file content.
publishedId No Steam Workshop identifier for the mod. If this id is filled in on a server, Arma 3 Launcher set up this mod when user connects to that server.
name No Steam Workshop item name.
timestamp No Time of last mod update in Unix time format.
hashOverride No Mod hash override that is send by the server to the client instead of the hash calculated from real mod. The override hash can be calculated by ModHashCalculator.

Example 编辑

/// Version of meta.cpp content
protocol = 1;
/// Steam Workshop item id
publishedid = 123456790;
/// Steam Workshop item name
name = "Splendid mod";
/// Time of last update of the Steam Workshop Item (in Unix time format)
timestamp = 9876432101234567890;
/// Mod hash that is send by the server to the client instead of calculated hash)
hashOverride = 1234567890;