Two export methods are available, both with certain pros and cons.

Mission Format 编辑

Older export variant working since Arma: Cold War Assault. Mission PBO contains only mission folder itself and additional options are limited, e.g. you cannot have multiple missions in one file and in case you need mission specific addon, it has to be created separately.

Multiplayer missions are sent by server to every connected user, occasionally leading to increased bandwidth. It's recommended not to use any large files (pictures, sounds, ...) to prevent it.

File itself is always named in following format

<mission name>.<world Name>.pbo



World name matches the class in CfgWorlds.pbo

Installation 编辑

Put missions/campaigns in following folders or in folders of the same names in mod subfolders.

Singleplayer Missions 编辑


Multiplayer Missions 编辑


Campaigns 编辑


Export 编辑

Ingame 编辑

  1. When in mission editor, click on Save button.
  2. Select 'Export to single-missions' or 'Export to multiplayer missions', depending on type of your mission

Mission PBO was created in Missions or MPMissions folder in the game's root.

  • You can publish the mission directly from Editor in [Arma 3] to Steam Workshop . Click on the Steam icon and provide necessary data: name, description, tags and image.

External 编辑

  1. Pack mission folder using BinPBO or other preferred packing tool.

Addon Format 编辑

File:Arma 1.00.gif File:Arma2 1.00.gif File:Arma2oa 1.51.gif File:TKOH 1.00.gif File:Arma3 0.50.gif

Armed Assault introduced mission export based on addon structure, giving designers more control of PBO structure. Missions or campaigns can be grouped in single PBO (like official missions) or with other supporting addons like new objects or functions.

Multiplayer missions has to be installed before the game is run. No file size limitations exists.

Installation 编辑

Put missions/campaigns in following folder or in folder of the same names in mod subfolders.


Export 编辑

  1. Create folder with name of the addon (example: MyMission)
  2. Copy mission folder into the addon folder (example: MyMission\MissionFolder.World)
  3. Create Config.cpp in addon folder with CfgPatches and CfgMissions classes (example: MyMission\config.cpp)
    class CfgPatches
    	class MyAddonClass
    		units[] = {};
    		weapons[] = {};
    		requiredVersion = 1.0;
    		requiredAddons[] = {};
    class CfgMissions
    	class Missions
    		class MyMissionClass
    			directory = "MyMission\MissionFolder.World";
  4. Pack addon folder using BinPBO or other preferred packing tool. It's recommended not to binarize it.

Format Comparison 编辑

Feature Mission Format Addon Format
Ingame Export 20px 20px
External Export 20px 20px
Multiple missions in one file 20px 20px
Custom addon in mission file 20px 20px
Localized mission name 20px 20px
Designer controlled subfolders 20px 20px
User controlled subfolders 20px 20px
Ingame download of MP mission 20px 20px