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The Rifles Gaming Community编辑

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The Rifles Gaming Community is a British based tactical unit, using a mix of quality British, OPFOR hardware, locations and other misc addons. We employ a blend of gaming that borrows from real world tactics and what works in-game. Expect a lot of fire and maneuver, missiles, close air support and painstakingly crafted, realistic missions.

Many of the Rifles GC are ex-members of the revered 23rd Ground Division, and as such have continued the tradition of Joint Ops with other units. We are currently hosting JOs with the 19th Light Division and 3 Para and are open to suggestions from other units.

Gameplay Style编辑

We employ real world tactics with a distinct British edge. The gear is British, ranging from the SA80 to the GR7 Harrier. The tactics are real-world, with training in skills such as bounding overwatchand FIBUA used to devestating effect. And then there's air support, applied in as realistic a manner as possible, via our trained pilots and forward air controllers.

We like to keep a sensible Chiefs:Indians ratio within the Rifles. Therefore ranks are very much earned on merit and necessity, making those who hold them all the more respected.

The following is a list of roles and equipment available to all Riflemen that have proven their ability in training sessions:

  • Javelin
  • Forward Air Controller
  • Rotary-Wing Transport Pilot
  • Rotary-Wing CAS Pilot
  • Fixed-Wing CAS Pilot
  • Signaller
  • Engineer
  • Sniper/Spotter

Joining The Rifles编辑

To join the Rifles, simply submit an application on our forums. Remember, applicants must be aged 16 or over, have TeamSpeak 2 and have a good grasp of spoken English.

Recruit Training编辑

Before selection, all potential Recruits undergo Basic and Group training, learning and proving the skills required to function as a Rifleman. This is completed via the Life Fire Exercise, where the Recruit is evaluated by an NCO in combat. Many regard LFEs as some of the better missions, with everyone playing to the best of their ability. Once promoted to the rank of Rifleman (Rfn), newcomers are open for selection to the section commanders.

Campaigns / Joint Operations编辑

Joint Operations give units a great chance to work alongside each other to achieve common objectives. Aswell as boosting the manpower within the mission, it also allows for greater tactical scope such as: having entire units suppresing and flanking a position simultaneously; having "top-cover" as a seperate element available to all units; giving commanders the chance to orchestrate massive battles that don't consist only of their own men.


  • 19th Light Division
  • 3 Para
  • AAF
  • 173rd Airborne
  • Uniform|Kilo

BULLDOG Campaign编辑

Since inviting other units to take part in JOs and having been approached by the 19th Light Division, the Rifles have embarked on "Operation BULLDOG". This began as "Operation WINDCHILL", a hasty counter-attack to a surprise SLA landing on South Sahrani, and has advanced into a Combined Joint Operation to break the SLA on North Sahrani.

Operation WINDCHILL Part I - 21/09/08编辑

  • Joint Task Force: Rifles GC, 19th Light Division
  • Commander: Cpl Reaper
  • Situation: RACS and SLA forces deadlocked at Corazol. Surprise Landings by the SLA at Dolores, counter-attack by British Joint Task Force requested by RACS.
  • Outcome: JTF inflicted massive casualties on SLA. Secured western sector of Dolores, temporary FOB established.

Operation WINDCHILL Part II - 5/10/08编辑

  • Joint Task Force: Rifles GC, 19th Light Division
  • Commander: 2Lt Griff
  • Situation: SLA still held centre and eastern banks of Dolores, second assault required to defeat SLA forces before they were allowed to reinforce with armour and/or anti-aircraft systems. RACS at Corazol unable to hold against two fronts.
  • Outcome: SLA defeated, Dolores recaptured by JTF.

Operation BULLDOG Part I - 26/10/08编辑

  • Joint Task Force: Rifles GC, 19th Light Division, 3 Para, Joint Air Corps
    File:ArmA SA6.jpg
  • Commander: Cpl Reaper
  • Situation: JTF to stage surprise attack on SLA territory. Primary objective to quickly establish a bridgehead from which to launch further attacks against the SLA. Secondary objective to destroy all enemy positions within the area of operations.
  • Outcome: All objectives achieved, Forward Operating Base and beachhead secured. Inter-unit maneuvers and close air support particularly successful with low casualties.

Operation BULLDOG Part II - 9/11/08编辑

  • Joint Task Force: Rifles GC, 19th Light Division, 3 Para, Joint Air Corps
  • Commander: Cpl Reaper
  • Situation: Task Force is to hold the temp FOB until CAS is available. Primary objective is to seize the key location of Obregan.
  • Outcome: Task Force fended off an initial reaction force of mixed mechanised and airborne infantry, platoon sized. Obregan seized with several casualties due to a grenade attack. All objectives achieved.


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