Serbian Armed Forces Mod
2D Radnik
Betatest Maddog, Horus, Wolf
Released 21.04.2007
Release date N/A
Version 0.8 Beta
link Download ReadMe

File:ArmA KoV srb.jpg KoV Jedinice 编辑

DMDU-03 编辑

Not Available

  • Digitalni Maskirni Dezen Uniforme 03 / Digital Camouflage Pattern 03
File:Arma SRB units11.jpg

MDU-03 编辑


  • Maskirni Dezen Uniforme 03 / Camouflage Pattern 03
File:Arma SRB units3.jpg

M-93 编辑

Not Available

  • Maskirna Uniforma 93 / Camouflage Pattern 93
File:Arma srb units4.jpg

File:ArmA OMJ srbj.jpg KoV Oklopno Mehanizovane Jedinice编辑

M-80 编辑

Coming Soon

  • M-80
  • M-80A
  • M-80A1 Vidra

M-84 编辑

Not Available

  • M-84
File:ArmA m84 srb.jpg
File:Arma m84 srb2.jpg

  • M-84A
  • M-84AБ1

File:ArmA RV srb.jpg RV i PVO Jedinice 编辑

SA-Gazelle 编辑

Not Available

  • SA-341H Gama
  • SA-342L Gama

Projects below are independent projects in a meaning of time and place, both projects have Serbian Forces so they properly fit here...though separate pages coming soon.

File:ArmA yu war.jpg Balkanski ratovi 1991-1995 编辑

Bosna i Hercegovina 编辑

Not Available

  • Vojska Republike Srpske / Bosnian Serbs Army
File:Arma srb units3.jpg

File:ArmA Kosovo war.jpg Kosovo 1998-1999编辑

Kosovo i Metohija 编辑

Not Available

  • Srpske Snage Bezbednosti / Serbian Security Forces
File:Arma SRB units5.jpg