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Released September 2010

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The studio MAF (French : Mod Armée Française, English : French Army Mod) is a French studio design series of addons for Operation Flashpoint, Armed Assault and ArmA 2 ! It was created from the release of their first mini mod on the Afghan air force (on ArmA) and their main mod: French Army Mod.

The various mods and addons编辑

Mod Armée Française编辑

Mod containing the vehicles, aircraft, weapons, military of French Army and some firefighters, gendarmes and ambulance attendants. Being the main mod of the studio, the latter chose to keep the designation "MAF". The current version is 2.0 but the 2.1 update, which should contain many new features, is under construction. A version for ArmA 2 (MAF2Ext) has also been created in cooperation with HEXAgon to complete it

File:SMAF Mir2000.jpg
File:SMAF ISAF.jpg
File:SMAF VBCI.jpg

Afghan National Army编辑

First mod "made in MAF" to be released, it currently contains the Afghan air force, but should, within a short time, leaving various land vehicles and Afghan soldiers.

Belgian Army Mod编辑

BeAM is a mod being built for games ArmA and ArmA 2, which should include vehicles, aircraft and soldiers of the Belgian army.

Umbrella Corporation编辑

Mod "Resident Evil" based on the famous "Umbrella Corporation" for games ArmA 2. It consist in the creation an elite unit in color of Umbrella (Male & Female) and a few helicopters, vehicles that may be encountered in the film as well as police cars ... new and damaged!

Released Addons编辑

Here are the download links for the various addons of the studio


Studio MAF Website