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TextHeader.bin is created by Binpbo personal edition 2.5 and greater. It is placed in the primary folder of the addon.pbo, and comprises of information from all pax files encountered in that addon from all it's possible data trees.

Information here has been gleaned from the very few texheaders in Arrowhead (approx 24) and won't necessarily be complete as a result.


see Generic FileFormat Data Types

File Structure编辑

struct TexHeader.bin
 MimeType "0DHT" ;    // NOT asciiz. '0' = 0x30. This is mimetype "TexHeaDer0"
 ulong    version;    // 1
 ulong    nTextures;  // 
 TexBody  TexBodies[nTextures];


 ulong          Always1;
 ulong          Always0;
 floats         AverageColor[r,g,b,a];//AVGCTAGG floating-point equivalent. Note that order is different
 bytes          AverageColor[b,g,r,a];//AVGCTAGG in PAx file 
 bytes          MaxColor[b,g,r,a];    //MAXCTAGG in PAx file
 ulong          Always0;
 ulong          AlwaysDefault;      // 0xFFFFFFFF
 byteBool       OnOff[4];           // 01 01 00 01 typical
                                    // 4th bool always set. 3rd bool seems related to NoAlphaWrite
 ulong          SameCount;          // always == nMipmaps
 ulong          TextureType;        // see below
 byte           Always1;
 byte           Always1;

 Asciiz         PaaFile[];          //"data\icons\m4a3_cco_ca.paa"
 ulong          SomeCount;          //Range 0..12. Might be bitflags
 ulong          nMipmaps;
 MipMap         MipMaps[nMipmaps];
 ulong          EndOfMipMaps;       //offset in pax to last (dummy) mipmap
  • BIS have finally learned to use relative file addressing. This might be the precursor to a better future where we leave oops modelling nightmares behind.

Texture Type编辑

values seen

  • 0 GREY
  • 4 RGB4
  • 6 DXT1
  • 10 DXT5

this value is repeated in each mipmap

Color float编辑

anyfloat= anybyte/255.0;


 ushort width,ushort height;     //as per same mipmap in the pax
 ushort Always0;
 byte   TextureType;             //same value as above
 byte   Always3;
 ulong  dataOffset;              //OFFSTAGG in PAx file. position of mipmap data in pax file