• In Scripts/Functions: The given arguments that were passed by a call, exec, execVM or spawn.
    For the arguments in scripts executed by mission-made actions or Event Handlers, check addAction and Event Handlers.
  • In Addons' config files: An array with the current object as its first (and only) element.
  • In Addons' custom UserActions: Unit that is activating the action.
  • In Dialogs: An array with the current control as its first (and only) element (only available during runtime).


Introduced with Arma 3 version 1.54


Introduced with Arma 3 version 1.54
  • In FSM executed by execFSM, this variable stores FSM ID (the same as is returned by execFSM command).


  • In Addons' config files (e.g. UserActions, onInit, etc.): The object the entry belongs to.
  • In Dialogs: The player unit that activated control (e.g. via mouseEnter). false if non-activated.
  • In Object's "Init" line: The object the init line belongs to.
  • In Triggers
    • "Condition" line: The Boolean return value of the trigger's conditions (e.g. "East Not Present" etc).
    • "On Activation/Deactivation" line: Seems to always return false.
  • In Waypoints
    • "Condition" or "On Activation/Deactivation" line: The group leader that completed the respective waypoint (or driver, if waypoint is assigned to a vehicle).


  • In Triggers ("Condition" or "On Activation/Deactivation" line): An Array of objects that are currently fulfilling the trigger's condition (same as the what is returned by the list command).
  • In Waypoints ("Condition" or "On Activation" line): An Array containing all group members that completed the respective waypoint.
    (thisList in a trigger's deactivation field seems to be undefined, and should not be used. It will either return an empty array, or possibly the contents of a different trigger.)


  • In Triggers ("Condition" or "On Activation/Deactivation" line): thisTrigger refers to the trigger itself.

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