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The Volunteer Commando Battalion (also known as VOLCBAT or VCB) is a British-based co-operative squad. Active since 2002, we offer a unique gaming experience. The old cliche about striking a balance between fun and realism is actually true of VOLCBAT.

What sets us apart from other British squads is that we offer an intense and enjoyable experience on operations for all members, playing along side a number of serving and ex-forces personnel, and an all-pervasive level of squaddie humour. We have a fair number of members and co-operative operations (missions) are held at least twice a week. On top of this we occasionally take part in joint operations or force-on-force operations with other squads that suit our style of play.

Armed Assault 3编辑

With its release two years ago, VCB now use Armed Assault 2. Operations have been underway for the length of this period and with a strong stable of UKF's British releases, we're geared up for operations! If you're interested in joining VCB for ArmA 2, post an application on the following forum:


HQ Section编辑

Consists of the Platoon Comander, the Platoon Sergeant, a platoon medic and two riflemen. HQ's role is to co-ordinate the rifle sections and their support during operations, as well as handling the out-of-mission administration.

The Rifle Sections编辑

The Rifle sections are the backbone of the battalion. Each section is comprised of eight men, split into two four man fireteams and led by a Corporal. Tasks for the rifle sections range from aggressive fighting patrols, to ambushes to reassurance patrols in towns and villages. However, their primary role is to close with and destroy the enemy using a variety of light weapons from the L85 Rifle, handgrenades and bayonets.

Manoeuver/Support Section编辑

A fire-team sized section led by a Corporal. The M/S Section provide additional firepower to the Platoon, utilising heavier weapon systems such as the General Purpose Machine Gun (GPMG), the FGM 148 Javelin anti-tank missile or the 60mm Mortar. The M/S Section can operate on foot with the rifle sections or mounted in vehicles such as the Land Rover WMIK, should the operation require heavier firepower.

Battalion Armour Troop编辑

Suspended following a re-role to Light Role Infantry.

243 Flight编辑

Currently mothballed due to strategic spending review

Patrols (Recce)编辑

Currently mothballed due to strategic spending review


Applicants of any nationality, over the age of 16 are welcome. However, please bear the following points in mind:

- The average age within the squad is around 25, and as such a fair level of (im)maturity is to be expected. - A decent grasp of spoken and written English is required. This also extends to native English-speakers. - Games are usually held around 8pm-11pm GMT on Sundays and Wednesdays, so major time differences may cause problems.

The general rule of thumb regarding non-UK applicants is that pings and time differences are tolerable if you live two hours either side of the GMT timezone. However, if your pings are acceptable and you don't mind playing early/late, there's no problem. We have no demands regarding participation other than that you're present for a mission/operation at least once a month if reasonably possible. If there are temporary circumstances that will limit your free time (connection problems, work, illness, etc.) then there's no problem if you're 'missing' for a few weeks.

Application and Interview编辑

The first step of becoming a member of VCB is to put in an application on our forums. An NCO will then get in touch with you to conduct an interview.

The NCO Interview is an informal chat over MSN Messenger and generally lasts between 30 and 40 minutes. It allows us to gain an insight into why you want to join VCB, a bit about yourself, such as hobbies & interests and experience with ArmA. It's also a chance for you to learn some more detailed points about VCB and to ask any questions you may have.

Successful applicants will then be put forward for Phase 1 Training.

Phase 1: Basic Infantry Training And Assessment编辑

Recruits are given basic instruction in Map-reading and navigation, voice procedure, section size attacks and the mechanics of an operational patrol. In this period we put emphasis on skills that will maximise your potential as part of a section (to the point of drowning you in knowledge that you'll likely forget half of as soon as it ends), not 'game skills' that by this point we'd expect you to know (firing weapons at targets, getting a weapon out of a crate, driving a van). This will culminate in recruits being taken through a training exercise, putting in recce and seizing a barn held by the dreaded 24th Soviet Blue Target Infantry Division.

If you make it through past this stage and you've made chummy, then you will likely be able to consider yourself a member of our unit and come and destroy the enemy wherever they may be.

Phase 2: Advanced Infantry Skills编辑

Members of the platoon continually advance their skills in game to make the most impact in operations. This is done via periodic training sessions in skills including Advanced Land Navigation, Support Weapon Operation, Close Target Recce and Advanced Voice Procedure and Radio Operation.

Crew Training编辑

Specialist continuation training in the operation of vehicles used within the platoon, from providing Fire Support with the Land Rover EWMIK and Jackal MWMIK, to driver/gunner/commander training on the Warrior Infantry Fighting Vehicle.


VCB uses a variety of community made addons, including UKF's excellent British weapons and vehicles in its missions. It also draws from many of the excellent OPFOR addons to add variety into every mission. An automated update solution (SVN) is used to make sure you've always got the most up to date mods and addons.