The VBS1 After-Action Review Suite is designed to provide mission recording, replay and analysis functions for all users of VBS1. The After-Action Review Suite has been developed in consultation with military users of the product.

Mission Recorder

The in-game mission recorder is designed to save complete VBS1 scenarios, recording movement, fired, hit and killed events for units both in and out of vehicles. The recorder saves a text-file containing a range of measures of effectiveness (MOE) such as hit/kill ratios, number of friendly kills, number of bullets fired etc.

The recorder is fully multiplayer compatible, and is capable of recording very large missions that contain hundreds of units. The recorder operates from within VBS1, seamlessly integrating into existing scenarios.

Mission Replay

The AAR replay component is designed to load missions saved by the Mission Recorder. The replay system is operated from within VBS1 via the standard 'Missions' menu. The AAR replays all unit animations and replicates vehicle movement, allowing playback at up to 64x the original game speed. Playback can be paused, stopped or restarted at a specific time.

The replay system has both 2D and 3D displays, and various camera modes such as freelook, targeted and flyby. The 2D display gives an indication of shots fired via bullet markers, and the 3D display provides a visual indication of hit and killed events.

A 'pause at events' mode is available that pauses the replay if a hit or kill occurs. A 'bullet camera' function is also included that provides a visual replay of a projectiles path in 3D. The replay system is capable of replaying large recordings containing hundreds of units, and provides a range of statistics updated continuously over the course of a replay.