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The VBS1 Instructor Interface allows a VBS administrator to modify scenario elements in real time (during a scenario). Designed to reduce the amount of time spent in scenario creation, the Instructor Interface allows objects, vehicles, units and groups to be created and given tasks (if applicable) whilst a scenario is running. The list of available representations can be modified (new types can be added to the system).

The Instructor Interface was developed to support VBS1 Convoy Training, development in accordance with military requirements. For example, through the Instructor Interface you can create and explode IEDs on-demand, create insurgents driving cars rigged with explosives, or create obstacles on a particular route to practice TTPs.

A single administrator can also create and command a large number of BLUEFOR or OPFOR units, assigning tasks in real time (allocating waypoints) and synchronising these tasks through the use of signals. Through the Instructor Interface an OPFOR patrol can be ordered to move through a town differently each run without having to modify the scenario in any way (increasing the time available for training in the simulation).

The Instructor Interface also allows units to be respawned on demand. Previously if a participant accidently died that user could not rejoin until the next run of the scenario. Through the Instructor Interface an administrator can respawn (bring back to life) the participant simply by right clicking and selecting 'respawn'.

The Instructor Interface is a plug-in for the Observer module and is fully compatible with the VBS1 After-Action Review system.