MARS is the third component of the VBS1 AAR Suite, and is designed as a robust replay tool that operates externally to VBS1. MARS does not require VBS1 to be installed, and allows VBS1 recordings to be replayed on computers totally separate from those upon which the VBS1 session was conducted. This allows MARS to be distributed with VBS1 recordings as part of 'take-home packages' often provided following training sessions.

MARS contains a wide range of advanced replay features, and is capable of replaying extremely large recordings. MARS provides both 2D and 3D displays, and a simplified view of the VBS1 environment to suit military after-action review sessions (terrain and objects are not textured, only unit posture is displayed not full animation). MARS provides a visual indication of shots, allows unit tracking and also provides a range of display modes. MARS displays both collective and individual damage ratios that are updated continuously over the course of a replay.