File:VBS TP3 Samawah.jpg

Terrain Pack 3 contains five desert terrain areas for VBS1.

Three of the maps are generic (not based upon any particular location), and two are based upon actual areas in Iraq (Samawah and Al Anbar). The maps contain many new objects, including enterable buildings and vegetation.

The town of Samawah, located in the Al Muthanna province of Iraq, has been replicated in the most complex terrain area ever created in the VBS1 Real Virtuality simulation engine.

Al Anbar is a lightly populated terrain, 25km x 25km in size, with a scattering of towns and a number of rivers.

Lizardia is an island surrounded by water, which contains a few medium-size towns with harbor areas.

Arbil 25km and 50km maps are designed for convoy training, with long highways that stretch over great distances. Both have a number of built up areas.

A number of Iraqi insurgent and civilian units have also been provided with the pack.

Note: Two additional terrain areas are available (sold separately - Military Only) - a 50km Al Muthanna terrain area and also the Baghdad Green Zone. Contact BIA for details.


  • Samawah
  • Arbil 25km
  • Al Anbar
  • Arbil 50km
  • Lizardia


  • Iraqi insurgent and civilian units