Contains highly detailed and realistic representations for a large number of US Army vehicles and weapons. The pack contains new functionality and detail not yet seen in VBS1, including:

  • The largest module ever released by Bohemia Interactive Australia.
  • High quality 3D models and textures.
  • A wide assortment and variations of the modern US Army's Combat, Air and Support vehicles.
  • Three complete groups of infantry (Woodland, Desert, and ACU).
  • Basic Combat-air support (CAS) simulation.
  • Randomized and customizable vehicle markings and numbers.
  • User customizable arm badges for Woodland and Desert infantry units.
  • A M577 that acts as a movable respawning 'base' in multiplayer.
  • New smoke and fire effects.
  • Radar for air units.
  • Suspension animation for land and air units.
  • Animated TOW on Bradley IFVs.
  • Artillery units completely compatible with VBS1 Artillery Module, seamless intergration.
  • Easily add US Army equipment to the gear selection page of the mission briefing.
  • Full documentation for all editing needs.
  • Simulation of weapon recoil.
  • Automatic Countermeasures for Air Units.

The pack is highly configurable with many features able to be activated or deactivated. US Army 1 is fully compatible with the VBS1 Artillery Module (AM) and Instructor Interface (II).

USArmy Manual.pdf